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Headboard - Nothing is Static
Nothing is Static

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glenn rubenstein's update
hectic week

Glenn Rubenstein with Art Alexakis performing live

(yes, that is glenn playing keyboard with everclear's art alexakis - click for fullsize)

Glenn Rubenstein updates

gosh - it's been one hell of a week.

I went to seattle, saw some old friends and got some work done.

came home ,saw art alexakis from everclear live and somehow ended up massacring the keyboard line to "everything to everyone" in front of a sold out crowd.

trying to take care of many things as I move towards the future, which can be overwhelming.

I am genuinely moved by some of the letters I am receiving lately. glad to know the music means so much to you. I WILL write back, just need to make time to prepare adequate respones.

in the meantime, I recommend checking out the bootleg MP3 mix of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit and Bootylicious that is flotating around out there.

also, major props to Tsunami Bomb for living the dream and signing with Kung Fu Records--they are recording a new CD now with Steve Krevac.

I must also say that I loved Unominame's show last week, though it almost turned into a brawl with some emo kids..

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just threw a couple up at Amazon.com -
Nothing is Static CD, signed in the inner
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as a bonus, you also get one of the new
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//new cd single -- available now //

the new headboard CD single is available now.

(click the above image for more info and sound clips)

the cd features:

1. (we are) the same
2. so far away (demo)
3. stuck on the ground (acoustic)
4. (we are) the same (acoustic).

the first pressing is limited to 100 copies.

click here to order it online!

// glenn's 2001 favorites //

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// hear headboard in "cold fusion" snowboard movie //

"tell me how" has been selected for use in warren
miller's latest snowboarding film, "cold fusion."

headboard is featured in the verbier, switzerland
sequence, and other artists on the soundtrack
include dave matthews, foo fighters, saliva, BT,
train, frank black, zebrahead, and primus.
for a complete listing of bands, click here.

the movie will be playing everywhere in nov and dec.
for a schedule and showtimes near you, click here.

// alone again, naturally //

Glenn Rubenstein

"once again, headboard is glenn rubenstein.

given the diversity that i have always strived to achieve with headboard, people are going to be coming together from different viewpoints, with different goals and dreams.

sometimes, different things take priority in a person's life, or they desire a different outlet.

and yes, sometimes, as we've learned before, that doesn't include being in headboard.

i wish everyone the best as they embark on their new endeavors, and i am grateful to have had the chance to work with them, both in playing live and recording.

i am going to escape for a few days, get my head together, figure out my plan, and contemplate options for the next chapter of this saga.

unfortunately, the acoustic tracks and a demo of "so far away" are all that was recorded with this line-up.

look for a retrospective cd soon (featuring tracks from all 7 incarnations the band has seen, thus far), along with progress reports on the future."

- glenn rubenstein

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